Siri understands a bit of Hindi! (Turns out a lot more as well!)

28 Jan 2023, by Aadi

UPDATE: It’s official! According to this support document, setting Siri to English (India) also lets it understand not just Hindi, but also Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Punjabi, Malayalam, or Gujarati.

I think this is fun! Now I know how to ask the weather in Punjabi, change volume in Kannada, look for restaurants in Gujarati, and make phone calls in Hindi!

Siri understands a bit of Hindi!

Yes! Set the language to English (India), and try saying “कितने बजे हैं?”, “गााना बजाओ” or “मौसम कैसा है?” and it works!

This also resolves a long-standing problem I had with Siri — it used to say “Please try that again in English” whenever it couldn’t hear me properly. Now that I realise it does understand another language, that response feels more appropriate, makes a little bit of sense. It wasn’t trying to be a smart-ass. Instead it just thought I was speaking another language. I can forgive that mistake!